Pricing that's transparent and flexible

Pricing for Events in USA and Worldwide


Simple in-person, virtual, and hybrid events with do-it-yourself event setup and management

$1 + 3% per ticket

+ additional 7% for virtual or hybrid tickets †



  • Event microsite with agenda, speakers / artists info, and more
  • Multiple ticket types and registration questionnaire forms
  • Choice to absorb or pass fees
  • HTML email marketing; up to 5K emails/mo included
  • DIY do-it-yourself event setup and management
  • 24x7 online support desk
  • Additional support services available for a fee; scroll down to Add-ons & Professional Services section


  • Inventory, Seating zones, and Reserved seating
  • Mobile check-in app for contactless check-in


  • Add virtual events with HD livestreaming on Tikkl in LIVE, REPLAY, or ON-DEMAND modes for an additional 7% per ticket
  • Stream LIVE from your pre-recorded video, from stage via OBS, Larix, or similar, or from Zoom or other 3rd party video-conferencing app
  • 4K Ultra HD video resolution for pre-recorded video and up to 1080p Full HD for RTMP streaming from stage
  • Virtual and hybrid events up to 4 hours long each
  • Secure tickets: one ticket, one stream
  • Geo-coded access to allow or restrict viewing from specific geographic regions, especially necessary when you set region-specific pricing
  • REPLAY availability and time window customized for your event

Large or complex events, festivals, and conferences with customizations and full-service support

$1K - $25K per event

contact us for custom price quote †



  • Conferences with multiple concurrent sessions, exhibitions, and festivals of any size and sector
  • Branding package and customizations available
  • Combo tickets and season passes for multi-day and season-long events
  • Custom pricing on Tikkl's ticketing or per-ticket fees
  • Cancellations, exchanges, and refunds processing
  • Advanced sales analytics and reports
  • HTML email marketing with increased limits
  • Full service support available for event setup and management
  • 24x7 online, chat, and phone support available
  • Product training available
  • Full-service support available for event setup and management
  • Dedicated event manager available


  • Custom-built mobile conference app available


  • Virtual and Hybrid events longer than 4 hours
  • Customized visuals for virtual events on Tikkl Stream that mimic in-person experience

† Tikkl fees are subject to the following conditions:

  • Use Tikkl's payment gateway or your own: Collect payments with Tikkl's or your own Stripe payment gateway. When Tikkl's payment gateway is used, payouts or settlements will be processed after event closing, with 80% payout 1-3 days after event closing and the remainder 20% payout 30 days after event closing. For long running event series, payouts will be processed periodically.
  • International organizers using Tikkl's service and payment gateway to list events in US $ in USA and Worldwide: Payouts requiring international funds transfer will be processed 30 days after event closing and our international exchange rate and transfer processing fees of $50-$100 (depending on the payout method) will apply.
  • US organizers using Tikkl's service and payment gateway to list events in Indian ₹ in India: Please refer to our India Pricing page for fees and terms.
  • Payment gateway fees apply separately: Credit card processing fees from payment gateways, Stripe or others, will apply separately. Usually around 30c + 2.9% per transaction.
  • No fees on free or complimentary In-person event tickets
  • Fees apply on free or complimentary Virtual and Hybrid event tickets: When tickets are free or complimentary, we do not pass fees to ticket buyers, however livestreaming costs are incurred for all tickets and we will collect fees from the event organizer. As a courtesy, we may not collect these fees from organizers if the number of free and complimentary tickets is low i.e. less than 5.
  • Free Virtual or Hybrid events: For completely free virtual or hybrid events, contact us for a custom price quote.
  • Minimum fee applies for events streaming on Tikkl: Regardless of the price of your ticket, Tikkl's fee will be at least $2.50 per ticket.
  • Combo and Hybrid ticket fees are higher: Fees on combo or hybrid tickets, i.e. one ticket for multiple shows or events, increases to $2 + 3% for in-person and $3 + 10% for virtual.
  • Fee calculation is on final price paid by ticket buyer: Tikkl fees (and credit card processing fees from payment gateways) are charged on the final amount paid by the ticket buyer and not on the list price of a ticket. Fees also apply on brand merchandise sales, sponsorships, donations, and any other payments, just as on event tickets.
  • Fair data usage: An excess data usage fee will be collected from organizer, if bandwidth usage exceeds fair usage limits of up to 4 hours of streaming per ticket.
  • Enterprise events: Contact us for a custom price quote.

Add-ons & Professional Services

  • Chat or Phone support: $100+ per event or $250 per year
  • Event review: $100 for simple event, $250 for complex event
  • Reserved seating: $100+ per digital seating map created
  • Ticket agents for your event/venue: $25 per hour per agent, minimum 4 hours per engagement, charges may apply for travel time
  • RTMP streaming support: $100 per hour; for events streamed LIVE from stage, we recommend using our service to test/do a dry run with your video crew
  • Cancellations, exchanges, and refunds processing: $25 per transaction processed; note that Tikkl ticketing and livestreaming fees and payment gateway's credit card processing fees that were charged on the original transaction will still apply and not be refunded by Tikkl or payment gateway
  • Email blocks: $10/1K emails
  • Enhanced promo campaigns: $25 and up
  • Marketing Boost service to boost attendee acquisition: $1000+ per event
  • Hourly Professional Services: $100 - $250 per hour depending on the type of service. Minimum 4-hour charge for certain services. Contact us for hourly and multi-hour packages

Discounts for Non-Profits and Student Clubs

  • 25% off Add-ons and Professional Services

non-profits need to provide documentation showing 501(c)(3) status

we provide additional discounts on a case by case basis to student clubs in the US, from our Student Support Fund