Tikkl's Brand Hub

Learn about the Tikkl brand, our branding guidelines, and find the appropriate Tikkl logos and images to use while promoting your events.

The Tikkl Logo

Our logo is the face of our brand and we have put a lot of thought into its design to represent our brand values effectively. We invite you to use it correctly and consistently.

Style: Please use our primary color logo, either with a transparent or a white background, for your assets. If you must use a black or white version for a specific use case, use the black and white logos here.

Right-click on an image to download it.

Minimum Size: We want people to easily spot the bright faces they love! In digital applications, our logo should be at least 72 pixels wide. In print, it should be at least 1 inch or 2.5 cm wide.

Our brand is about bringing people together for a shared moment in time

Our name Tikkl is derived from the word "tickle”. We strive to delight audiences and event organizers with a personal, human touch. Let's tikkl!

Take attendees to your event pages

We encourage you to use any of these images, either with a transparent or a white background, on your website, social media posts, posters, and flyers to direct your prospective attendees to learn more, register, and buy tickets for your events on Tikkl.

Right-click on an image to download it.

You may also embed a link to tikkl.com or to tikkl.com/<your_org_handle>.

Need something else?

If you have questions or would like to get our logos or images in a specific size or format, contact our Help Desk.