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Enjoy the excitement of a high-quality event experience, anywhere around the world!

Host your own event

Whether it’s your first or hundred-and-first, Business or Entertainment, Large or Small, Paid or Free, for a Local or Global audience, Tikkl’s got your back!

Concerts & Festivals

Classes & Workshops

Conferences & Exhibitions

Government & NGO Events

Networking & Fundraising Events

Rock the new normal with a complete solution for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events

Delightful in-person experiences

  • Comprehensive event site
  • Versatile ticketing options
  • Individual show tickets and season passes
  • Registration questionnaires
  • Seating zones
  • Reserved seating
  • Contactless check-in
  • HTML event-marketing emails
  • Pre- and post-event surveys, polls, contests, merch sales, and fundraising campaigns
  • Custom mobile event app
  • Prompt 24x7 customer support

Secure, high-quality virtual experiences

  • Run an all-virtual event or add ticketed livestreaming to any in-person event
  • 4K Ultra HD Video
  • Interactive - bulletin, trivia, chat, Q&A, polls
  • Secure, geo-coded access helps protect your IP and sell more tickets
  • Single-stream access per ticket
  • Geographic pricing
  • Multiple currencies and timezones support
  • Customizable replay parameters

Reach your local + global audiences with secure, geo-coded tickets and boost your revenue

50% more attendees

On average, Tikkl customers have gained 50% more new attendees from around the world by adding ticketed livestreamed events tailored for different regions.

Up to 300% more revenue

With Tikkl LIVE, geographic pricing, secure single-access geo-coded tickets, and configurable replay terms, Tikkl users have seen revenues increase by up to 300%.

Putting people first makes your in-person events dazzle

Events are about giving people a delightful shared-experience, from the time an event is announced to when it ends. We are committed to providing a personalized, secure, and supportive event experience at every step.

Data Security

All pages, including payment pages, are secured by 128-bit SSL encryption.

User Privacy

We don’t force attendees to open accounts and we never sell their data. It’s secure in your private silo on Tikkl.


We promptly attend to questions from both you and your attendees, via a help button on every page 24x7.

Virtual on Tikkl LIVE gives your attendees a front row experience like no other!

An overwhelming 94% of viewers prefer Tikkl LIVE over other options.

  • 4K Ultra HD and interactive
  • Seamless and personalized ticketed access
  • Single ticket gives easy access to all shows in an event series or festival
  • No advertisements or other organizers' events shown by Tikkl; you can however shine the spotlight on your sponsors
  • LIVE, REPLAY, and ON-DEMAND modes
  • Stream LIVE from stage, from video conferencing apps like Zoom (or similar), or even from prerecorded video and Tikkl will run a synchronized live cast!

Tikkl can also provide event ticketing support for your virtual events on 3rd party platforms such as Zoom and YouTube.

From simple events to conferences, Tikkl delivers the power and flexibility you need

Comprehensive event site

Show off with a beautiful customized microsite that has everything from event information and scheduling to tickets and registration.

Custom mobile app

Get a branded custom mobile event app (iOS & Android) that seamlessly pulls and publishes your content and facilitates interactivity amongst attendees.

Immersive virtual experience

Mirror an in-person experience with easy click-through to venues and sessions, with all the interactions - chat, Q&A, polls, and more!

Join the party!

From concerts to conferences, organizers of all sizes and sectors are finding success with Tikkl