Features designed for the event pro in you

Manage your events efficiently, end to end

Tikkl's got everything you need to easily manage all your attendee engagement (and data) in one place: before, during, and after your events

Publish engaging event pages with registration and ticketing options in minutes. No web design or development skills required.

Drive buzz and excitement and better plan your upcoming event with pre-event quizzes and contests.

Send personalized auto-generated HTML emails to invite and remind your prospective attendees.

Capture attendee registrations in your CRM on Tikkl, Check in attendees with Tikkl check-in app.

Reach global attendees with a virtual livestream on Tikkl LIVE or ON-DEMAND, from stage or from recording.

Conduct a post-event poll to capture reactions and feedback to fine-tune your next event.

Engaging event landing pages, in minutes

  • Easy template driven process
  • Branded, ad-free pages
  • Range of customizations possible
  • Responsive design for web and mobile
  • SEO optimized
  • Event pages with tabs for all your content: agenda/program, speakers/artistees, and more
  • Feature photo albums, videos, and slide presentations
  • Organizer microsite featuring events lineup
  • Attendee wall
  • Make your event public or private, 4 access levels available

Smooth registration & ticketing

  • Multiple ticket types
  • Click-to-join virtual tickets; no ugly, insecure links shared around
  • Bar-coded tickets for in-person events
  • Tickets and reminders emailed to ticket-holders
  • Custom registration questionnaires
  • Inventory management with seating zones
  • Reserved seating, with social distancing
  • Payment Gateways: Stripe, PayUMoney, Razorpay
  • Payments deposited in your account instantly
  • Absorb fees, or pass to attendees
  • Record offline payments and issue tickets
  • Configure several types of promo codes
  • Free, mobile check-in app for in-person events

Secure, high-quality virtual with Tikkl Stream

  • Scalable HD streaming
  • LIVE, REPLAY, and ON-DEMAND modes
  • Tikkl creates LIVE events from your live or pre-recorded video
  • Stream live from your stage with OBS, from a video conference of panelists and presenters on a platform such as Zoom, or from your pre recorded video (we will run a synchronized live cast)
  • Up to 1080p Full HD for events with incoming live video feed and up to 4K Ultra HD for live events created from pre-recorded video
  • Secure, gated single stream access based on ticket; one ticket, one device
  • Multiple ticket types, paid or free
  • Customizing Tikkl Stream experience by ticket type is possible, for example: you can offer an additional post-event meet-and-greet session with artists/speakers to VIP ticket holders only
  • Immersive interactions for audience to engage with presenters and other attendees
  • Customized reaction panels, chat, q&a, polls, bulletin board, trivia, chapters, and more
  • View of audience vibe for presenters and organizers
  • For multi-session conferences, fairs, and festivals, seamless flow through sessions and activities that mirrors in-person events
  • Engaging virtual event experience mirroring in-person experience; custom visuals for virtual venue, including lobby, auditorium, seminar rooms, and expo hall
  • Consolidated attendee insights and analytics
  • Also use any 3rd party livestreaming / video conferencing platform such as Zoom, Vimeo, or YouTube Live (with limited features)

Hybrid is the way forward

And we are ready! Host your attendees in person where possible, while a wider audience joins virtually

For your in-person event, set up seat maps and sell tickets with reserved seating. Tikkl Check-in app (iOS & Android) helps you effortlessly scan bar-coded tickets from printed or digital copy.

Create virtual events from your recording or stream live from stage so your global fans can attend an event from anywhere. 4K, interactive, and seamless!

Mobile app, in your name

Get your branded custom mobile event app (iOS & Android) that seamlessly pulls and publishes your event content and facilitates interactive activities including livestreaming during your conference or festival.

Last minute speaker change? No worries! Tikkl instantly and automatically syncs your content.

Attendees can:

  • Browse event pages including agendas
  • Create personalized agenda
  • Quickly find what’s in session at any time
  • Watch livestreaming sessions
  • Receive announcements from organizers
  • Connect and chat with other attendees
  • Ask and upvote questions for presenters
  • Rate sessions
  • Participate in polls and surveys
  • Visit virtual trade booths, and more

Best-in-class event marketing, interactivity, and engagement

HTML Emails

Social Media

Widgets for your Website

Cross Promotion

Referral Drives

Blog Posts

Questionnaires & Forms

Surveys & Polls

Contests & Quizzes

Merch Sales & Fundraising

Create buzz and market through several channels and interactive campaigns pre, during, and post event.

Email: Personalized auto-generated HTML emails, that are customizable yet perfectly ready to send, to invite and remind prospective attendees. Track opens, clicks, and registrations.

Social: Tikkl is built on a social framework that gets your event-goer community and partner organizations to follow, interact with, and promote you.

Interactive: Interactive campaigns support multiple question types including checkbox, comment box, star rating, multiple choice, matrix, image upload, and payment fields. Charts available on your dashboard to visualize poll responses and contact fields data is auto saved into your CRM.

Tikkl even offers Enhanced campaign templates, pre-loaded with content and media, created by expert marketers.

Good data, at your fingertips


Access and visualize attendee insights, consolidated and saved in your private and secure CRM on Tikkl.

Consolidated data

Tikkl automatically creates and updates attendee records as they participate across events and campaigns.


View real-time data on your dashboard, from tickets-in-cart to check-ins. Receive instant notifications on user activity.


Track emails from opens all the way to ticket sales and participation.


Download pre-created reports in Excel or CSV formats.

Smart Recommendations

Get AI powered recommendations to fine-tune your events and campaigns.

Host the most dazzling events

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✓ Delightful event pages and attendee experience increase signups

✓ Secure, high-quality virtual events help reach more attendees

✓ Geographic pricing with geo-coded tickets boosts revenue

✓ Prompt, 24x7 customer support for both organizers and attendees