Host concerts and festivals that deliver fantastic experience

Kalakshetra's Remembering Rukmini Devi Festival 2021 on Tikkl - a 5 day dance festival in person and livestreamed

Livestream from Playlists

Conduct your live event from a playlist of live and pre-recorded streams. Record or stream sessions in brilliant HD video with multiple cameras and professional setup or single camera SD setup. Or a mix.

Concert Lineup with Secure Ticketing

Display your entire line-up of concerts and shows for easy browsing and registration. Your festival can list shows in multiple timezones. Even multiple currencies! And single ticket to provide single stream access on a single device!

Tailor Experience by Ticket Type

Tailor livestream experience by ticket type, e.g. VIP ticket-holders get 4K Ultra HD video, multi-camera view, or additional conversations or meet-and-greet sessions with artists while General tickets provide SD access only.

Fantastic for Fans

Fantastic experience for fans! Run polls, take audience requests with Q&A, share anecdotes and trivia, make bulletin board announcements, enable audience chat, provide reactions panel customized for your show, and more.

Audience Vibe for Artists

Artists get a view like no other! On Tikkl, artists get to feel the excitement and energy of presenting to a live online audience through a dynamic presenter view that animates and displays the pulse of the crowd.

Simply Powerful for Organizers

Organizer admins can switch between audience and presenter views, manage polls and bulletin board announcements, conduct q&a, and more. On the fly or set up ahead of time.

"You are on to something here"

"Thank you! You are on to something here. I am loving the platform and you are addressing a lot of aspects of event management that are not easily available today. Here is wishing you the very best in ramping this up.”

~ Mahesh Venkateswaran, Madrasana