Small team, big dream!

We are a team of software professionals who love attending events as much as working with the latest innovative technologies. Some of us have also organized events, in our previous jobs or in our college days, ranging from intimate concerts and classes to large festivals and business conferences.

Our team is currently working from home from seven different locations across USA and India. Other than our usual work meetings, we have also been meeting virtually for “Fun Fridays” where we take turns to run a virtual event. Topics have ranged from Korean pop quiz to a class on Objective Reality. It's a lot of fun but we can’t wait to get back to the office to do them in person, and hybrid!

Together in person or virtually, we collaborate well to build toward our big dream to be the #1 platform of choice for ticketed events, in-person and equally enticing virtual options.


Nivi Padhy

Co-Founder & CEO

Nivi drives the vision at Tikkl and enjoys being involved in anything and everything that impacts our users. She brings to Tikkl a passion for engaging with customers from her thirty years of experience in engineering, support, and marketing at enterprise software companies such as Computer Associates, Ingres, Informix, and Infosys. Nivi cares deeply about STEM education for children and served on the Board of Directors for the Youth Science Institute. Nivi holds a B.E. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from BITS Pilani, India.

Nivi has co-organized a variety of professional and cultural events including SCU Women in Business Conference and Cupertino's Lunar New Year Unity Parade. When not working on Tikkl, Nivi enjoys action movies, math puzzles, sushi, and catching up with friends.

Mano Puthukudy

Co-Founder & CTO

Mano is responsible for Tikkl’s overall product architecture and implementation. He has over thirty years of experience in architecting and developing a variety of leading-edge technologies at companies such as ManyStreams, ShoreTel, Kineto Wireless, WindRiver, Mentor Graphics, Informix, and ICL/Fujitsu. Mano has also been involved in teaching and mentoring young engineers and students. He is an Engineering Technology graduate from BITS Pilani, India.

Mano enjoys reading nonfiction works and the novels of Haruki Murakami. He is also a fan of Akira Kurosawa and Stanley Kubrick films. When Mano takes a break during long builds, he usually turns to watching English Premier League or Sumo wrestling.


Anu Hasan

Actor, Entrepreneur

Anu Hasan is someone who dons many hats. Born into a family of film makers, her foray into the world of films and television was probably a foregone conclusion. But her journey has been anything but predictable.

In India, she has acted in over 20 films in six languages and has played the lead in 6 TV serials in three languages. Her path breaking titular show Koffee with Anu was the most successful talk show in the history of Tamil Television.

Her role in the Russell T Davies series “Cucumber” brought her to the attention of British film makers. Her work in the UK includes English and French commercials, feature film in English, and major TV soaps including Eastenders, Ackley Bridge, HollyOaks and Emmerdale. She continues to work in the UK and India in films and Television. She has been awarded the Kalaimaamani award – which is the Tamil Nadu State award that recognizes exemplary contribution to art. She also has been awarded the Tamil Nadu State award for best supporting actress.

On her entrepreneurial journey, she has successfully founded and exited companies. She currently runs AH Positive, a company that she founded in 2017 which helps with media and go to market strategies for companies. AH Positive also focuses on developing positive content that impact society.

Bejoy J. George

EVP, HCL Technologies

Bejoy J. George is a 28+ years experienced global and strategic business leader in the Product Development / Engineering Services & Outsourcing industry. His experience and expertise includes strategic planning, business incubation, business strategy development & execution, international sales & marketing, large deal structuring, M&A and acquisitions integration, etc. in various verticals including aerospace, automotive, heavy engineering, high-tech, industrial products, etc.

Bejoy joined HCL Technologies in June 2014, and is currently Executive Vice President, Transformation Initiatives, with responsibility for driving investment-led growth initiatives within specific verticals in the Engineering and R&D Services (ERS) line-of-business of HCL Technologies. These include Mergers & Acquisitions, Product/IP carve-outs and acquisitions, etc. Before taking on his current role, Bejoy was Global Sales & Practice Head (Aero, Auto & Industrial). During the 3 years that he held this position, Bejoy more than doubled the size of his portfolio through the acquisition of Geometric Technologies and Butler Aerospace America, as well as through organic revenue growth.

Bejoy is a natural leader who can work with and motivate individuals & teams across different ethnic/cultural backgrounds, to perform outstandingly by inspiring trust & clarifying purpose, bring out the best in people, and build excellent, long term relationships.

Thilmeeza Hussain

Permanent Representative of the Maldives, United Nations

Her Excellency Thilmeeza Hussain is the Special Envoy of the President of the General Assembly of the United Nations. She is the Permanent Representative of the Maldives to the United Nations, concurrent Ambassador of the Maldives to the United States and non-resident High Commissioner to Canada, posts she assumed in 2019.

In addition to her formal work, Ambassador Hussain has a kinship for doing non-profit work for social good. The main areas of her work include gender and climate justice where she both founded and worked closely with a number of civil society organizations. For 2018-2019 she was also an Aspen New Voices Fellow at the Aspen Institute.

Ambassador Hussain holds a Master of Science in Business Management from Colorado Technical University in the United States and Bachelor of Commerce from Murdoch University in Perth, Australia.