About Us

Tikkl is a privately held events technology startup with headquarters in San Francisco and additional offices in India. Our events platform hosts everything from entertainment events and festivals to business events and conferences, across the USA, India, and the global market.

We empower anyone to host secure, high-quality virtual and in-person events, helping hosts reach large international audiences, boost revenue, and deliver an elevated, shared event experience to attendees around the world.

Facilitating meaningful human connections

We are on a mission to facilitate meaningful human connections through shared event experiences that entertain, educate, and inspire. Anyone, anywhere, any time!

We know events aren’t just about the programming. The event experience is about getting together at a place and time to enjoy a shared experience. It’s about bridging the gap between the people on stage and those in the audience.

Front row with friends!

There is no doubt that magic happens at in-person events. The energy and warmth of people sitting together, the authenticity and the vulnerability of the moment. Since the pandemic, the questions we’ve asked ourselves are: Can we recreate this experience in a new format? Can we make it as engaging and enjoyable as possible and lift up spirits? Can we cater to the increasingly global audience that most artists and speakers have now acquired? Can we satisfy the new found interests people have cultivated in topics and genres outside their usual inclination?

So we came up with a solution to make a front row experience accessible to all. To make it possible to enjoy an event with intimate conversations with friends and to feel the proximity to artists and speakers on stage. Whether the event is in-person or online, everyone should get the chance to feel like a VIP!

Personally vested

A front row experience has been a lifelong pursuit for our co-founder Nivi. Being born with a retina defect, Nivi is legally blind and while she has gone through school and engineering college with no accommodations, worked at tech startups and enterprises in engineering and management roles, and attended several events and conferences, she has missed out on a full experience, only seeing blurred objects on stage and struggling to match audio to its source on stage. She has relied on conversations with friends sitting with her to get a clearer picture of the going-ons.

Now, with Tikkl Stream LIVE everyone can enjoy a front row experience with friends, without the barriers of seat availability, cost, distance, a lack of time or means of travel, a worry about carbon footprint, physical health and/or disability. Nivi is really excited about being able to enjoy concerts and conferences from up close, with great visual acuity, audio brilliance, and enable others to do the same with Tikkl. We are vigorously dedicated to transforming the world of events!

Our users inspire us!

Hosted an intimate concert with an Oscar nominee

Had an IPO in 2020 during the pandemic

Featured dance by a child cancer survivor who dances on one leg, after losing her other leg to cancer

Curated a festival featuring a Padma Vibhushan awardee, India's second highest civilian award

Events graced by one of Fortune's Most Powerful Women

Conference featured a keynote by Father of the Internet