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UCLA's Illuminate: Designathon 2021 on Tikkl - virtual workshops, classes, and a design challenge, with videoconferencing and livestreaming sessions, reaching a global audience

You Can Rock This

Sure, you have an idea to share, a skill to teach, a talent to share! Host a virtual class or event and build a community that's interested in your content. Get paid solely and directly rather than just a fraction of ad revenues.

One For All

We have one easy to use end-to-end system for you. Publish event marketing pages with registration options. Livestream your class. And run polls, quizzes, and tests for your classes right here.

Flexible Schedule

Display list of classes on your organizer homepage for participants to sign up. Set up free and paid ticket tiers. You can run your classes live, on-demand, in-person, or hybrid.

Engaging Pages

Publish a comprehensive event page for your class or workshop, provide registration and payment options, allow participants to effortlessly join your livestream from your event page, and share class materials during and after class.

HD + Interactive

Live stream your class in HD quality and with a host of tools to make it interactive, without being distracting. Chat, trivia, bulletin board, q&a, polls, reactions, and more.

Participant Data

Set up registration questionnaires the way you want them and have data auto-saved into your CRM. Also capture in-class and pre and post participant engagement data. Consolidated in your private and secure database on Tikkl.

"Allowed us to increase attendance"

"Tikkl’s interactive all in one platform completely changed our cost structure and allowed us to increase attendance at events."

~ Thomas Pencek, Service for Profit

"Support team was very responsive"

"I used Tikkl to promote and register participants for my most recent Mindful Parenting series. It was very easy to use. The engagement and registration/payment process was seamless and slick. I was able to access data about the engagement and follow-up with potential and registered participants easily. The look and feel of what my customers see is clean and elegant. When I ran into issues or had questions, the support team was very responsive and resolved any problems quickly. Check out Tikkl! It's a great way to bring all your customer engagement to one place. If your experience is anything like mine, you won't be disappointed."

~ Gayathri Narayanan, Myndtree

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