About Us

Mission: Elevating the event experience

We are an event technology company, founded before the pandemic, with a mission to empower event organizers to run engaging events, with interactivity before, during, and after their event. And with consolidated data and intelligent insights to do so.


Since the pandemic, seeing our families and friends confined to their homes, we have become more aware of the need for connection, belonging, and community. We are determined, more than ever before, to restore a sense of connection through shared experiences of live virtual events. To that end, we strive to bring you meaningful and engaging LIVE events, not just video on demand experiences.

Front row with friends!

There is no doubt that magic happens at in-person events. The energy and warmth of people sitting together, the authenticity and the vulnerability of the moment. Since the pandemic, the question is — can we recreate this experience in a new format? Can we make it as engaging and enjoyable and lift up spirits?

We have a renewed focus now to design and elevate virtual and hybrid event experiences. To empower organizers to deliver exceptionally brilliant live events that mimic and in some ways outshine in-person events. To make a front row experience accessible to all. To make it possible to enjoy the event with intimate conversations with friends.

Personally vested

A front row experience has been a lifelong pursuit for our co-founder Nivi.

Being born with a retina defect, Nivi is legally blind and although she loves to and has attended several concerts, classes, and conferences for the past forty years, she has missed out on a full experience, for she has seen only blurred objects on stage and has struggled to match audio to the source on stage. She has relied on conversations with friends sitting with her to get a clearer picture of the going-ons.

Tikkl Stream LIVE promises to truly bring events to life for people like Nivi, with the ability to experience events in 4K Ultra HD on a screen near them, along with immersive interactions with friends they can virtually attend with. Nivi is really excited about being able to enjoy concerts and conferences from up close, with great visual acuity, audio brilliance, and enable others to do the same. And to lead our vision into this future.

Now, everyone can enjoy a front row experience with friends, without the barriers of seat availability, cost, distance, a lack of time or means of travel, a worry about carbon footprint, physical health and/or disability. We are vigorously dedicated to transforming the world of events!

Fun Facts: Our customers are fired up too

Hosted intimate concert with an Oscar nominee

Organized conference with keynote by Father of the Internet

Ran events graced by one of Fortune's Most Powerful Women

Their festival featured a Padma Vibhushan awardee

They had an IPO in 2020 during the pandemic